Welcome to Furry Logic Productions, the official home of... well, Furry Logic Productions!  If you're looking for some fine furry fiction, accompanied by some equally fine artwork from the pens and pencils of some good friends and artists, this be the place!  Click on the "Books" button to see what's currently available in the bookstore; hopefully you'll see something you like!  Currently, it's mostly my own stuff, but plans are afoot to offer more books and merchandise on behalf of the above-mentioned friends, as well, so be sure to stay tuned for further developments.  (Most likely, new stuff will be added 2-3 weeks before either Texas Furry Fiesta or Mephit Furmeet.)

(P.S. -- sorry if the site is still a bit of a bare-bones wreck, but the proprietor (namely, me) never claimed to be a web coding guru, so whaddaya want from me anyway? :D)

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